The Quirkiness of Indie, Progressive Acoustic 'LOOPER', Catchy Melodies and Lyrics of Pop, and the Angst Ridden Riff's of Rock.

'Not All Who Are Lost, Wander...'

Nominated 'Rock Album Of The Year' GMA Dove/Covenant Award

2014 Gospel Music Association, Canada

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“Not All Who Are Lost, Wander” is the story of journeys... a sudden and jarring realization of the lifeless monotony of the day to day, a haunting echo of a long ago feeling, a frustrating encounter at the door of the local church - begging the question of how gathered groups who seem so pious can be so dilettantish - the 2 beaches, and a promise.
Then, seemingly in a flash... The bus at Liminal St. is set to leave the grim, grey, joyless city, journeying toward the mountains and the sunrise. That heavy sunrise...


Echoing Pink Floyd's THE WALL and The Who's TOMMY, this is a Rock Opera 'Seria' - realized by Richard Cummins - Impresario.
OPERA SERIA (SEH-ree-ah): A "serious" opera. The usual characters are gods, goddesses or ancient heroes.

The first line of JRR Tolkien’s famous poem from ‘Lord of the Rings’, "All That is Gold Does Not Glitter", is a variant and rearrangement of the proverb "All that glitters is not gold", known primarily from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, resulting in a proposition bearing a completely different meaning.

In the tradition of this intellect, Richard crafts for himself an inversion of the famous second line, “Not all those who wander are lost” (which in itself is an inversion bearing the meaning that those suspiciously viewed as wanderers or vagabonds are actually moving about with purpose) into “Not All Who Are Lost, Wander”.

The striking ‘Saul Bass’ inspired album cover art drives home the point:
We tend to view forms of stability as ‘safe’, or ‘right’.

But does this mean that the lost are always prone to wander? Or, perhaps the contrary is true? Those whom appear the most stable, stationary, safest, the most ‘right’… could in fact be just as, or even more, ‘lost’.

The Characters:
The Seeker, The Girl on the Sidewalk, 2 Vultures, The Pastor, The Beast, and 'Someone There'.


In the tradition of Owsley, Owl City, RJD2 (Mad Men theme), Lenny Kravitz, Surfjan Stevens and Paul McCartney Richard is a ‘one man band’ - music creations emanating from his home studio in a tiny rural town.
Raw, organic & loose, the songs become an entity on their own – plenty of rythm, well-placed handclaps, moments of symphonic splendour, enlightened melodies and, of course, layered instrumentation - with pianos, guitars, unconventional drumming and melodic bass lines being thrown on the canvas like a mad painter, recording all the instruments himself (except where noted*).
And just like Jim Morrison’s hair, each song has to be just the right amount of ‘messy’.

*A streamlined, general 'Pop' edition was released on iTunes, etc, and is missing many portions of extended musical pieces and some lyrical songs. Only BANDCAMP has the full extended version


Nominated 'Pop Album Of The Year' GMA Dove/Covenant Award

2008 Gospel Music Association, Canada

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Featuring Phil Keaggy: Guitar/Vocals, John Sferra (Glass Harp): Drums, Randy Stonehill: Guitar/Vocals, Chris McHugh (Keith Urban, Whiteheart): Drums. Produced in Nashville by JB

This album struggled to completion and almost never made it: recorded over two years with studio sessions ranging from Nashville Tennessee to Hollywood California USA, to various Canadian studios and Richard's own 'Nectarine Horse' studio, nestled in the picturesque Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada.

Though Richard's past experiences had seen him in all stages of the music business - from illegaly playing clubs with his original material from the age of 17 (before he was 'of drinking age'), to landing deals in historic recording studios, garnering FM radio play, touring across country both the United States and Canada as well as playing in 5 different countries on several continents, to associations with movers in the record industry - he never seemed to connect with the corporate mindset that artists needed to change their art, or somehow ‘sell out’ to the latest trends and fads in order to ‘make it’. Stubbornly holding on to this set of principles, to make art from the heart, Richard knew he was passing by many opportunities at mainstream success.

Instead, Richard and his wife Michele sacrificially invested every last penny of their own money into the production of the CD, ‘Moments’. Richard was not only amazed but extremely encouraged when some significant musicians and producers believed in the project enough to come on board to help, including:
Virtuoso and legendary guitarist Phil Keaggy on Guitar and vocals, Randy Stonehill who not only performs on the album, but produced a track as well, John Sferra - drummer from the Decca Records power trio 'Glass Harp', Keith Urban's drummer Chris McHugh, with the album being co-produced by Nashville's 'jb', whose credits include Peter Frampton, Garth Brooks, and was the man behind Phil Keaggy's landmark acoustic instrumental album, 'Beyond Nature'.

Though Richard has many views on spiritual matters, society at large, and politics, he chose to keep to a general theme, creating a ‘concept’ style record based on his own diary of experiences from age 13 to 33.

From the Cd liner notes:

“Moments” is first and foremost an autobiographical record, or if you will, a ‘concept’ album. Although the first song after The Introduction is presented ‘In Medias Res’ **, it is carefully sequenced so that each song sets up the next - providing a beginning, a middle, and an end – storybook style. By the time you get to The Epilogue, and if you’ve paid close attention, you will have turned the pages of my private diary from 13 to 33. I was going to publish a song-by-song synopsis as a complimentary narrative but realized that doing so would be severely underestimating my audience. And Besides – the story is already here. Whether this album finds you in your car with the volume up; an evening where you can steal away with a cup of coffee or glass of wine by the stereo, or late at night with the headphones on – I give you my journey.


Loops go around and around, and so do wind mills - as a natural and powerful force flows through them.


Richard allowed for only fresh creativity, and being on the cutting edge of loop technology, would only pick up his guitar and play when it was plugged in AND recording - so what you hear are compositions being created at the EXACT TIME they are being recorded.

Creativity and technology combined.


Structured improvisation with thoughtful 'look ahead' melodies, not just 'jamming' over a rythm bit as you are starting to hear as looping becomes more mainstream. Richard's Windmill is one of only 2 pure spontaneous loop albums in existence, alongside Phil Keaggy's own effort, 'Roundabout'. Albums like Chet Atkins 'Jam Man', though loop based, were pre written compositions, carefully thought out before recording commenced. For fans of PROGRESSIVE ACOUSTIC TECHNIQUE and LOOPING.


Sometimes fully orchestrated with complex multiple layers of melody, rhythm and harmony, to sometimes sparse tuneful interludes Windmill is perfect to listen to when you want to reflect, marvel at the wonders of live looping, or just enjoy a good melodic instrumental piece!

From the CD insert:

"Like the back says, these tracks are one shot recordings, using digital audio looping technology. The melodies were all composed on the spot with the loop station running,
being laid down and recorded simultaneously as they were actually being written!
And the layers of sound you hear - what sounds like a Bass Guitar, and Drums, etc are all derived from one instrument: my Limited Edition Taylor 314-CE auditorium acoustic.
As the loop station was recording, if I felt a piece needed a bass line, I would quickly either
drop my E string down to D, or jack my Neve bass control to max and lay down a spontaneous bass line to accompany the part - same with the percussion.
Most of what you hear as drums is actually me finding different tonal areas on the body of my guitar, then whacking at it furiously to get kick, tom, and even hi hat/snare type sounds. I also utilize shakers and tamborines, sometimes using the loop stations convenient mic input, or sometimes cranking the gain on the Taylor and recording straight through the soundhole!
I hope you enjoy these spontaneous acoustic creations as much as I did making them!"




Progressive Acoustic based 'LOOPING' on the Roland RC-50



The Christmas song I always wanted to write. It came to me in one sitting at the piano late this November, and reflects my thoughts

on the trappings of the season, and those trapped.




Based on the movie 'It's A Wonderful Life', this song draws parrallels in todays world, and is an anthem for what it takes to carry on in the face of tragedy and loss. 'And God's giving visions when men leap from bridges, and angels get wings..."





'On A Cold December...' is the first original Christmas tune from Richard, originally tiled 'Egg Nog'd', combining his ability to paint pictures with words, and social comment/satire based on his perceptions of modern Christmas




Original Christmas Songs

A Ride In The Sky is a long awaited and very special project celebrating one of the most universally acclaimed songwriters of all time, Sir Paul McCartney, as performed by renowned Beatles Tribute Artist, Richard Cummins. Includes 2 original songs:

'Paul McCartney Taught Me Right'

'Paul, He Used To Sing With Me'


Geraldo Dominelli of the group LOVERBOY featured on 'Band On The Run' (Slide Guitar)

Colin Farquhar Saxophone, and Geraldo Dominelli Piano: Lady Madonna (Live Bonus)

Otherwise all instruments - Guitars, Keys, Bass, Strings, Drums and Vocals - tracked in studio:

Richard Cummins


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 A Ride In The Sky 

A Tribute to Paul McCartney, The Beatles, and Wings

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