The Quirkiness of Indie, Progressive Acoustic 'LOOPER', Catchy Melodies and Lyrics of Pop, and the Angst Ridden Riff's of Rock.

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Me? I currently have 3 Singles on Country Music FM Radio Stations across Canada!

This past decade has seen me as an internationally recognized Indie Pop/Rock Singer Songwriter, Recording Artist, Producer, Performer, and working in the movies.

I am also a progressive yet melodic acoustic guitar looper, and have official releases in both pop vocal and Acoustic Instrumental .

I am the Lion of The North... Sometimes I am a Beatle.


I currently reside in the Fraser Valley BC Canada area, and though I'm Canadian, I have lived extensively in the US and overseas involved in charitable & relief efforts, sometimes working with YWAM (Youth With A Mission).


I have played a Hofner bass since I was 15, Rickenbacker 330 since I was 17, and would call a Taylor my acoustic of choice, especially for looping - My Country gear of choice are both my Blue Flower and Pink Paisley Fender Telecasters, My Gretcsch Country Gentleman, and my Fender Jazz Bass - no P Basses here! ;). 
I am a disciple of Jesus, but tend to question 'organized religion' & self appointed leaders, or 'God's middle men'.


I have a Recording Studio where I Produce, Mix, Master, and play Multiple Instruments as a Session Player.

If you need help on a project:
Lately I have been preferring professionaly mixing your already recorded tracks, or mastering your mixes.

We can talk if you need something.

These 'One Sheets' have some added history and background.