The Quirkiness of Indie, Progressive Acoustic 'LOOPER', Catchy Melodies and Lyrics of Pop, and the Angst Ridden Riff's of Rock.

This past decade has seen me as an internationally recognized Indie Pop/Rock Singer Songwriter, Recording Artist, Producer, Performer, and working in the movies.

I am also a progressive yet melodic acoustic guitar looper, and have official releases in both pop vocal and Acoustic Instrumental.


I am the Lion of The North... Sometimes I am a Beatle.


I currently reside in the Fraser Valley BC Canada area, and though I'm Canadian, I have lived extensively in the US and overseas involved in charitable & relief efforts, sometimes working with YWAM (Youth With A Mission).


I have played a Hofner bass since I was 15, Rickenbacker 330 since I was 17, and would call a Taylor my acoustic of choice, especially for looping - though I own and have owned many, many others. I am a disciple of Jesus, but tend to question organized religion & self appointed leaders, or 'God's middle men'.


I have a Recording Studio where I Produce, Mix, Master, and play Multiple Instruments as a Session Player. Lately I have been preferring mixing your already recorded tracks, or mastering your project. We can talk if you need something.

Longer 'Story Style' Bio coming soon