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The Quirkiness of Indie, Progressive Acoustic 'LOOPER', Catchy Melodies and Lyrics of Pop, and the Angst Ridden Riff's of Rock.

people i like... and will blow your mind


Aaron 'Bucks' Buchholz.

Been blessed to play with this dude who sings with a conviction that there actually is a God, who is really  listening.

Amazing (not said lightly) vocalist and songwriter ~

Check him:


Phil Keaggy.

To the uninitiated guitar afficianado, it is a joy to see the wonder on their faces as they see Phil  unleash on his guitar for the first time. Then, when you hear his McCartney-esque vocals, the depth of layered beauty is almost too much...

...Almost. His message and his music becomes addictive, like your favourite coffee shop, or art gallery.

choice cuts over the span of his career:


Early days signed to Decca Records & recorded at Jimi Hendrix Electric ladyland Studio:

His un-equalled guitar playing combined with a masterful use of cutting edge digital looping:

'Time' from about 1979, TV spot out take (Ron Burgandy @ 5:43??) ha - but surfing youtube for his bits is  an education.



His band Dakona, Signed by Madonna to her Maverick label. it was the largest multi-million dollar new band signing ever.

Worries of being cool behind him, he is writing the gospel songs that he has always carried in his heart.


Paul McCartney.

Don't pretend you know everything about him. Check out the 'Fireman' project.

Check out the current work with Rihanna and Kanye. Get to know 1970's glam rock Paul.

And oh, he was also a Beatle...




More to come... I'm just building this as we speak...







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