Star Trek Fan Film Canada Starship Spaniard

The Enterprise has come home...



And Captain

Sultan Amadeus Valentino

...has just left.

Star Trek: Starship Spaniard is a very different, "New Phase" fan made Star Trek project.

Think perhaps where the original series went to a degree with the 'Alternative Factor' - but delving much more deeply into the Surreal - where it would have gone in the 1970's.

Like the movie 'Idaho Transfer' (1973),
Starship Spaniard is a very deliberate film - to be graced with a slow, severe beauty... subdued - with a quiet edge.

Calling upon the brooding minimalist - and often sparse, alienating moody & surrealist themes - found in the great films from Terrance Malick, this endeavour should be experienced and allowed to flow over you more than simply being viewed, and the flow in this case, is full of existential questioning about man, nature, who we are, and how we fit into the universe that we are a part of.


Along the lines of these works, would be notable surrealalist movies like  'The Swimmer' (1968), 'Shame' (1968- Ingmar Bergman), 'The Ninth Configuration' (1980), 'Vanishing Point' (1971), even 1980's 'The Stuntman'. In regards to existential flow, think of Hugh Jackman's 'The Fountain', Terrance Malick's 'The Tree of Life', and the pacing of the the wonderful Sam Rockwell film, 'Moon'.


Virginia Aldridge as Admiral Karen Tracy

Andrew Boldt as Cpt. Sultan Amadeus Valentino

Jerry Wong as Commander Zhang Wok

Vic Levac as Lt. Sam Rockwell

Michele Hartunian-Cummins as Veedaa Dartasso

Bob Batyi as Klingon TOQ Thopock, House of Aabarann


The Universe -

Vast... Intimidating... Compelling... 

This is the journey of the Starship Spaniard - it's bold commission:

To explore the unexplored,

To seek the unexpected...

To courageously go - beyond - where none have gone before!

Bridge: Operations - Starfleet
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