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Richard Cummins as McCartney, ED Boumann -Camera Man, Terry Carleton as Ringo

Richard Cummins never saw the Ed Sullivan show when the Beatles debuted in America. He was nowhere near even being born! But the timelessness of The Beatles captured him nonetheless, and his life changed forever. Playing Beatles music since he was 13, the quality of John, Paul, George, & Ringo spurred him on to learn all the instruments of his heroes, eventually playing Guitar, Bass, Piano and Drums at professional levels. In fact, everything you hear on the Paul McCartney tribute album was performed by Richard in its entirety, right down to the studio engineering and audio mixing of the material (save for one - Geraldo Dominelli, band member for Paul Rodgers when touring as well as past member of Loverboy, peformed the intro and slide guitar on Band On The Run).


Richard's love affair with Beatles music has been quite a journey, from countless hours in his living room as a 13 year old painstakingly learning guitar chords by playing along with Beatle records, to the prestigious honor of portraying Paul McCartney.


Richard has some HUGE plans for 2017 so check back in for news for the new year!


Honourable mentions go to Mitch Weissman who inspired Richard to try himself, Ardy Sarraf, Ricky Vacca - and James Minchau, who introduced the Fabs to Richard in the most unconventional way.

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